Thursday, March 31, 2011

Daghter*, etc. (for Daughter*)

Yesterday's blog posting mentioned the Daughters of Bilitis, the first lesbian rights group in the United States, and its house organ, The Ladder. The Daughters of Bilitis was founded in San Francisco in 1955 as a sort of adjunct to the Mattachine Society and was originally intended as a social club and alternative to the bar scene. Gay bars were illegal in the 1950s and were frequently raided by the police. The Daughters of Bilitis (almost unimaginably closeted at first) grew more political as time went on, becoming an effective organizing tool for activists in the Homophile Movement (as it was then called). The organization lasted for fourteen years, right up until the Stonewall riots, which mark the beginning of the modern gay rights movement. We found the following typos in OhioLINK for daughter*: Daguhter* once and Daghter*, Duaghter*, and Daugter* twice.

(The Ladder, May 1966, from Wikipedia.)

Carol Reid

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