Friday, March 18, 2011

Interati* (for Internati* and Interacti*)

This week's posts had a more international flavor than I originally planned. They might not have been the most rational collection of ideas, but I hope you found them interesting. I have noticed that when we verify a typo, we often learn that a typo in English is a real word or name in a foreign language, which is why we should be very cautious with global changes.

Today's typo, Interat* is in Section B, high probability in the Ballard list. This is probably because there are many options for the intended word. I found hits that seemed like they were supposed to be Interact* (the typo misses a letter), Iterati* (the typo adds a letter) and Internati* (missing a different letter). You may find others, so I would strongly suggest you interact with your catalog in multiple iterations to find all domestic and international books with this huge typo.

Liz Bodian
Chicago Public Library

Image of the world as pictured in 1689 fr0m Wikimedia Commons.

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