Monday, March 28, 2011

Typwrit* (for Typewrit*)

I tend to get a little frisson whenever I spot a new typo; however, I don't often start imagining how I might accessorize with it. These TypoS are different, though, and I simply couldn't resist buying myself a pair after spotting them in a museum gift shop the other day. (I guess I'll have to go to the mall now and get my ear lobes re-punctured ... but then I'll get to wear punctuation marks in them, so how cool is that?) My personal photographer took this picture of a vintage typewriter he's lucky enough to own, along with my own brand-new lucky earrings—which are actually made from vintage typewriters! (Please note also the amazing fact that the keys on either side of the word TypoS spell out the typo TYOP.) We located three cases of Typwrit* (for typewrit*) in the OhioLINK database, along with 338 in WorldCat, so let's all take a moment today to "tie up" this typo in our own catalogs as well.

Carol Reid

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