Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Invitiat* (for Invitat*)

According to Miss Manners and the rest of her socially graceful advice-giving ilk, there are several ways to vitiate an invitation: by neglecting to RSVP, by bringing extra guests, by failing to show up on time, by not reciprocating or properly thanking one's hosts, and even by refusing to cease texting while at the dinner table. Of course, there are all kinds of invitations, each with a separate set of rules and obligations. For instance, some require expensive gifts, a bottle of wine, a bit of role playing, a knowledge of trivia, or an ugly puffy dress; others merely that you arrive with your love of black and white drawings and paintings intact. There were, thankfully, only five instances of Invitiat* (for invitat*) in OhioLINK this morning, and 110 in WorldCat.

(Invitation to the Expo Galerie Noir et Blanc, 1965, by Yvana Stella, from Wikimedia Commons.)

Carol Reid


Felicity Pickup said...

also: invitaion and invitaiton

but if you use invitai* watch out for French invitait

Terry said...

It's my recollection that we always limit to English when searching Ohiolink.