Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Refrom* (for Reform*)

We all want to reform (other people), starting with our loved ones and ending with the world. The last thing we want to change in any significant way, however, is ourself. That is, we may say we want to (witness our dogged New Year's resolutions and incessant self-help book buying bouts), but in truth, why would we care to alter something that's already so close to perfection? Our catalog records are far from it, though, and the typo Refrom* is a good example. There were ten of these found in OhioLINK today and 197 in WorldCat. In any case, if you're trying to reform something, whether in yourself or other people, I wish you a lot of luck. It's no piece of cake.

(Реформ торта, or Reform torta, from Wikimedia Commons. Not to be confused with Tort reform.)

Carol Reid

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