Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Campain* (for Campaign, etc.)

A recent poll revealed 23 hits in OhioLINK for the typo Campain*. In 1992 an ACT UP member buttonholed Bill Clinton at a New York City fundraiser and, quoting author Vito Russo (The Celluloid Closet), told the presidential hopeful: "We're not dying of AIDS as much as we are dying of 11 years of government neglect." Clinton famously replied: "I feel your pain." Another Clinton was feeling our pain this election year as a majority of Democrats decided to go with Barack Obama instead. (Many people thought she was being a pain as well.) And if somebody smart doesn't do something about the economy (stupid), we might all find ourselves living in "Hooverville" housing the way they did back in the Great Depression. If so, maybe this time we should call our home away from home: Camp Pain.

(Little Billy Clinton in a town called Hope, from Wikimedia Commons.

Carol Reid

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