Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Morgage* (for Mortgage, etc.)

According to Wikipedia, the Marvel comic book character Morg "served as a herald of Galactus after Galactus' previous herald, Nova, was expelled for sparing suitable but inhabited planets from his hunger.... Impressed with Morg's demeanor and wary after losing several heralds to attacks of conscience, Galactus decided to employ this most brutal and remorseless specimen as his latest herald." It sounds like the warriors of Wall Street and the pushers of subprime mortgages could have used Morg as well. Take no pity on the nine typos found in OhioLINK for the word mortgage*. The T may be silent, but it's deadly.

(Morg in Silver Surfer, vol. 3, #109, 1995, by Tom Grindberg, from Wikipedia.)

Carol Reid

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