Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bronz (for Bronx or Bronze)

Though my search in OhioLINK for the typo Bronz + Bronx led me down the garden path to a big "Bronx cheer," I did get 27 hits by searching on Bronz alone. Only five, however, were for the typos I had in mind. (Most of them were personal names or else the correct spelling of bronze in Turkish.) In 1913, a series of bronze tablets were erected to commemorate the newly acquired Bronx park system in New York City. Dr. Henry MacCracken, president of the Bronx Society of Arts and Sciences, took the occasion to deliver a memorable speech: "This park of St. Mary's is unique in that it is the only park within 100 miles of our great city that is named after a woman. May not this be a little of the inherited masculine grudge which Adam felt against Eve for having him turned out of the park of Eden? ... Just because St. Mary's is named after a woman and a saint, it makes a demand on the courtesy and chivalry of the boys who enjoy this park to pay honor to their own mothers by taking the best care of it." The Bronx Victory Column, built in 1933, is a 75-foot limestone structure that supports a bronze statue of "Winged Victory." It was originally intended as a memorial to local servicemen and it's proven to be a favorite site for wedding photos. Today's typo seems like an easy mistake to make with your crooked little ring finger, and the Z and the X right next to each other, so it may be a victory of sorts that this one isn't made more often. In any case, it's fun to picture pixilated bridesmaids and ushers urging one another to meet under the Bronx Bronze.

("The Bronx Victory Column and Memorial Grove in Pelham Bay Park on a sunny midday," by Jim Henderson, from Wikimedia Commons.)

Carol Reid

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