Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Close-captioned (For Closed-captioned)

Closed-captioning is a service sanctioned by the FCC that requires television programs to provide text for the Deaf and hard of hearing. Close-captioned, however, brings to my mind the Close Talker character from the TV series Seinfeld. The Close Talker, Aaron, would position his face mere inches from the person to whom he was speaking. Even though he appeared in only one episode, he is one of the most memorable characters among Seinfeld fans. Perhaps the reason why he is so memorable is that most people would find his behavior very uncomfortable. Ethnologist Desmond Morris reasoned that “All through our childhood we will have been held to be loved and held to be hurt, and anyone who invades our Personal Space when we are adults is, in effect, threatening to extend his behavior into one of these two highly charged areas of human interaction. Even if his motives are clearly neither hostile nor sexual, we still find it hard to suppress our reactions to his close approach.” Concepts of personal space vary from culture to culture.

Close-captioned produces over 300 hits OhioLink, placing it in the Highest Probability section of the Ballard List.

(Picture of U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson from SLENZ blog)

Janelle Fore


Fred said...

Thanks for the chuckle. I"bemember" my eldest son coming home (lo those many years ago) from grade school singing a song he had learned at school. He sang "Then one froggy Christmas eve Santa came to say". It was the next Christmas before I could change his wording.

JoJo said...

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Anonymous said...

Close captioned reminds me of when the tv show ends and says "Close-captioned...blah blah." lol. I never really understood what it means.

Abbi Glines said...

On more than one occasion, I have seen this spelled incorrectly. From now on, thanks to this post, I will have a mental picture to make me smile rather than sigh and roll my eyes. Funny thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

HBO writes "Close Captioned" on their title pages for each movie. That's pretty bad that they have millions of eyes on it, and still remains uncorrected.