Monday, December 20, 2010

Precipt* (for Precipit*)

I’m posting this from Southwestern Ontario under several feet of snow. Our “Snowmaggedon” (as it’s been dubbed) may break records in London, Ontario. We’re currently at 122.2 centimetres of snow, and the previous record for snow falling in December was 134.1 back in 1977.

On the bright side, while the snow was falling I had a lovely break to type up a few blog entries from home, as the university and entire city was shut down.

If you’ve been out shoveling this frosty precipitation, it’s not hard for your cold (and tired!) fingers to miss a few keys, so watch out for precipt*, a low probability typo for precipit*. Precipation also appeared on the previous Library Typos blog, back in February of 2007, so keep an eye out for that error as well.

(Photo of the University of Western Ontario from Jim Walewander's Flickr photostream.)

Leanne Olson

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