Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Vietman* (for Vietnam*)

Our governor and various powers that be may find it necessary to destroy the State Library in order to save it; among other cutbacks, a dozen or so employees will be getting the sack on the night before Christmas, or shortly thereafter. The library (which hasn't been able to buy books in close to three years and whose funds have been routinely raided by other state agencies) is taking a disproportionate hit compared with the rest of the Education Department. In recognition of the fact that real people will be suffering from these draconian budget cuts, coworkers are holding a "Sad Layoff Luncheon" next week at our favorite Vietnamese restaurant. Man, it seems like such a paltry gesture in the face of this harsh and dysfunctional reality, but it's one way of honoring our library veterans and wishing them well. There were 23 cases of Vietman* (for Vietnam*) in the OhioLINK database today.

(A Vietnamese woman with groceries in a basket, 2007, from Wikimedia Commons.)

Carol Reid

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